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The Wildlife of James Bay

My Grief Journey from Mourning to Dancing

By Sheila Katherine Jolly

Dear Friends,

We are happy to make a special announcement that Sheila Katherine Jolly has completed writing a book on her grief journey. The book is entitled, "My Grief Journey from Mourning to Dancing." Sheila gives a detailed account of how she recovered from multiple losses. The book is printed in colour which really enhances the pictures of her family members in each chapter. As a grief counselor, this is one book I would recommend everybody to read.

You can order your personal copy of Sheila's book through our NGM office. The cost per book is $20.00 which includes postage and handling. Make your cheque payable to:

Native Gospel Ministries
Box 41006
Ottawa, Ontario
K1G 5K9

It took a lot of work for Sheila to write her book. She would be the first to say that she gives God all the glory for what she has accomplished. Congratulations Sheila and may this book be a blessing to many people.


Dr. Joseph Jolly

Going & Growing Through Grief

By Dr. Joseph Jolly

Dr. Joseph Jolly's book "Going and Growing Through Grief" is available by writing NGM Headquarters at a cost of $20.00 including shipping. If you order 20 copies or more of the book, the wholesale price of the book is $12.00. Please make your cheques payable to:

Native Gospel Ministries
Box 41006
Ottawa, Ontario
K1G 5K9

The primary purpose of the grief book is to educate people about the factors involved in the grieving process. Practical suggestions are offered in the book to help people work through and cope with their grief. The book can be used as a source of reference, and covers the stages of grief, providing practical guidance for people in their grief work.

The author Dr. Joseph Jolly is Native, so the book has a Native perspective, but is applicable to everybody. It is also based on a biblical perspective. The book mentions that ultimately God is our greatest source of strength when we face the pain of sorrow and the hardships of life.

Going and Growing Through Grief

The Wildlife of James Bay

By Dr. Jospeh Jolly

The Wildlife of James Bay

Now Available
New Book Release
"The Wildlife of James Bay"
Sold for only $25 each

To order the book "The Wildlife of James Bay", please contact:

Cree School Board
Education Services, Mail Bag 40
Chisasibi, Quebec, J0M 1E0
Tel: (819) 855 - 2230 ext. 3231 (ask for Mabel Pepabano)
Fax: (819) 855 - 2724

Get your copy soon!

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